La bretxa digital generacional en l’ús de mòbils a Catalunya

  • Eulàlia Massana Molera Universitat de Vic
Palabras clave: Keywords Mobile phones, Generational digital divide, Qualitative study, Catalonia



Mobile phones are versatile devices, currently being used in all sectors of human activity/society. The so-called digital divide, usually referred to in the context of ICTs use and access, is also an issue when mobile phone users of all ages and generations are considered, and the use they make of these devices. The 'Grup de Recerca Interaccions Digitals' of the University of Vic (GRID) has recently addressed the impact of this phenomena, and the changes they bring, on Catalan society. This paper collects the thoughts and opinions of a sample of users that were surveyed on mobile phones use and how this demonstrates the digital divide that currently exists in Catalonia.

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Eulàlia Massana Molera, Universitat de Vic
Universitat de Vic
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Massana MoleraE. (2012). La bretxa digital generacional en l’ús de mòbils a Catalunya. Obra Digital, (2), 46-56.