El telèfon mòbil: dels inicis a la actualitat

  • Miriam Molina Garcia
Palabras clave: Mobile communication, 3G, Smartphone, M-learning, M-commerce



Special characteristics of mobile phone: ubiquity, immediacy and customization, and some social and economic factors has provoke that the new media penetrate quick in the society. The mobile phone has different forerunners which have facilitated its origin, like; the telegraph, the radio, the land phone and the beeper. The society has received the mobile phone and has made it a personal and untransferable tool. The massive current presence of mobile phones in the society has incite the beginning of different neologisms like; m-government, m-learning, m-commerce, m-gammes, etc. Moreover different social and cultural rules, as well as, different communications forms have been introduced in the society, in a professional and personal level.

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Molina GarciaM. (2012). El telèfon mòbil: dels inicis a la actualitat. Obra Digital, (2), 32-45. https://doi.org/10.25029/od.2012.23.2